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  • UroMed offers a wide variety of catheters and other products to discreetly manage urinary incontinence.
  • We work with your doctor to provide the right products for your needs.

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  • See our clinician resources for current continuing education opportunities on the topics of Neurogenic Bladder, Urologic Health & Continence Care, provided in partnership with Dorland Health.

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  • UroMed cares about your child like we would for our own family.
  • Our Customer Service team helps parents and caregivers find the most effective and reliable medical supplies for their child’s care.

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SpeediCath Compact is the first catheter designed to suit the anatomy of the female body, about the same size as a lipstick. And it empties the bladder as well as or better than ordinary catheters.

Designed to prevent embarrassing stress urinary incontinence, FemSoft is safe, gentle & easy to use. Most women compare their experience to using a tampon. Ask your doctor about FemSoft today!

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UroMed is proud of all of our Actors who were gracious enough to lend their talents to each TV commercial or online video. All of our film stars have a natural ability to bring UroMed stories to life through their own unique experience with our company.

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